HOLLER – Reborn

BAND: HOLLERALBUM: RebornRELEASE DATE: 22/Mar/2024GENERE: HARD ROCKCATALOG #: SC 447-0BARCODE: 8025044044706FORMAT: DIGI CDTRACKLIST: Do You BelieveI Don’t WantMusic Is The OneInto Me ForeverThose EyesFalling ApartWrong WordsDon’t Walk AwayInvisible ManHow LongWhitout YouWhitin MeYulia

SUJIN – Save Our Souls

BAND: SUJINALBUM: Save Our SoulsRELEASE DATE: 16/Feb/2024GENERE: DEATH METALCATALOG #: SC 445-0BARCODE: 8025044044508FORMAT: DIGI CDTRACKLIST: … —- … Save Our SoulsAshes from the AbyssDead World BeyondWasted ProgressBleeding ChainsThrone of ChaosDagonScavengersInsanityWinter Breeze

ELETTRA STORM – Powerlords

BAND: ELETTRA STORMALBUM: PowerlordsRELEASE DATE: 16/Feb/2024GENERE: MELODIC POWER METALCATALOG #: SC 444-0BARCODE: 8025044044409FORMAT: DIGI CDTRACKLIST: Higher than the StarsRedemptionOrigin of DreamsPowerlordsAloneHeirs of the DescentSacrifice of AngelsSpirit of the MoonVoices in the Wind

DEATHLESS LEGACY – Rituals Of Black Magic – 2024 Reissue

‘Rituals Of Black Magic’ is the fourth full-length release by Horror Rock sensation Deathless Legacy and the first concept album in their career. The album describes ancient black magic rituals in detail, with dosages, ingredients, processes and spells to cast. The occult grimoire consists of more than ten rituals, recovered from tomes hidden on the dusty shelves of…

DROWN IN SULPHUR – Dark Secrets Of The Soul

BAND: DROWN IN SULPHURALBUM: Dark Secrets Of The SoulRELEASE DATE: 12/Jan/2024GENERE: BLACK METAL, DEATH METALCATALOG #: SC 443-0BARCODE: 8025044044300FORMAT: DIGI CDTRACKLIST: Adveniat Regnum TuumEclipse of the Sun of EdenBuried by Snow and HailUnholy LightLotusDark Secrets of the SoulSay My NameVampire CommunionShadow of the Dark Throne

TRICK OR TREAT – A Creepy Night Live

BAND: TRICK OR TREATALBUM: A Creepy Night LiveRELEASE DATE: 08/Dec/2023GENERE: MELODIC POWER METAL, POWER METALCATALOG #: SC 441-0BARCODE: 8025044044102FORMAT: DIGI CDTRACKLIST: Intro/Creepy SymphonyHave a Nice Judgment DayLoser SongAquarius: Diamond DustThe Great EscapeTears Against Your Smile (feat. Chiara Tricarico)CloudriderHungarian HangoverLibra: One Hundred Dragons ForceTake Your Chance (feat. Michele Luppi)Rabbits’ HillCrazyLike Donald DuckWhen the Lights Fade Out…